Prince Yubi of Antars (Christopher Burton)

Prince Yubi is the only known son and heir to the Queen and Prince Consort  of  the red planet of Antars.  No one on earth knows exactly how old His Royal Highness is, but given his mother knew Trask before he went into exile more than 71 Antarian years (see Gold Mine) before His Highness encountered him as "Montana" on his small ranch in Texas, it is very likely His Highness is much older than he appears to Earthlings--perhaps has many as 20 to 60 Antarian years old or even older.  What is clear about the prince is that he is too young to have known and remembered Trask while Trask was on Antars, setting his maximum possible age around 100 Antarian years.   

On Earth, the prince is presumed to be a "mere child" and treated as such legally--making securing the basics of life difficult and sometimes dangerous.  Added to the prince's keen awarness that he is not a child, but merely "young" by Antarian standards but not Earth years, and the prince's eventual outbursts regarding Zax's attempts to guide him become inevitable.  On Earth, only other Antarians know of Yubi's royal identity except in special situations where he or Zax feels compelled by circumstance to reveal his secret.  

Character Biographies
Zax of Antars (Ric Spiegel)

Zax is a level 2 asynchronious droid assigned  and programmed to protect the Crown Prince.  As a servant to the Antarian royal family, Zax is fiercely loyal and highly protective of his charge which at times puts him at odds with him (Puppy Love, Don't Fence Me In), particularly when His Highness feels Zax has exceeded his programmed mandate and is trying to prevent him from living a normal life.

Zax moves by hovering and has a reset button that helps him should he get into trouble.  

He is armed with a set of lasers, but is also known to use a water spray as a more benign deterrant for less violent, but still somewhat hostile attacks by Earthlings and Earth animals.

Zax is able to receive audio-visual signals, such as from Earth radio and television broadcasts.  He possesses some sensory abilities as well.  In "Day of the Hunters" he was able to detect the hunters' ship through its orgone energy signature.  The cipers worn by organic Antarians are also sensitive to orgone.

Zax is terrified of spiders and is said to be the "only" droid in all of Antars afraid of spiders.
Benji (Benjean)

Benji is a stray dog who befriended Prince Yubi and Zax after he heard their ship land near the barn where he was sleeping.  Benji is extremely bright and resourceful and is often critical to Yubi's ability to evade the hunters.

No one knows how old Benji is, except that he was fully grown when Zax and Prince Yubi encountered him.  He is a mixed breed dog of great independance and therefore knows how to solve many problems that most other members of his species would not be able to solve.  Benji is frequently referred to by Antarians as a "quadruped" because he walks on four legs.  The hunters use this reference for him exclusively except at the end of "Good-bye Earth":
Prince Yubi, "Give me the dog!"
Khyber, "The dog goes free when you leave these grounds with us." 
Khyber (Joe Rainer (episodes 1-8); Dallas Miles (episodes 9-13)

One of two primary hunters sent by Zanu that Prince Yubi encounters on a regular basis, Khyber is not overly concerned about Earthlings noticing his strange Antarian attire--except in those rare moments when he wishes to impersonate a particular Earthling, such as when he put aside his normal Antarian dress for an Earth business suit in order to impersonate T.J. Parker's father (episode 9, Double Trouble). As a hunter, Khyber is armed with a hand-held laser which he can use in conjunction with Darah's in order to compell Earthlings to do his bidding.

In general, Earthlings respond negatively to Khyber, though they may tell him what he wants to know in order to get him to leave them alone.
Darah (Angie Bolling (episodes 1-8); Anna Holbrook (episodes 9-13).

One of two primary hunters sent by Zanu that Prince Yubi encounters on a regular basis, Darah is the more respected of the two hunters in the eyes of the hunter droid Zord.  Described as "evil" by Trask, she is less overt than Khyber and more subtle, yet just as quick to chase after Yubi or Benji and fall for one of Benji's tricks.  Like Khyber, Darah is always in black, though her costume includes a ribbon of green on her tunic reminiscent of the green in their lasers and in the cockpit of Antarian spacecraft.
Zanu (Ken Miller)

"But Zanu is a terrible person and an evil ruler," asserts Prince Yubi to Trask in "Gold Mine" as they begin to discuss Zanu and the revolution.  Throughout the series Zanu is described simply as "evil" to the intended young audience who is assumed to not understand nuanced characters.  We see cloaked Zanu only in the opening credits, partially due to the short run of the series.  Based on the discussion between Trask and Prince Yubi, Zanu is clearly modelled on Adolf Hitler, another charismitic tyrant with a similar rise to power and held particular idealistic idologies.
The Queen of Antars (Lisa LeMole)

Yubi's mother, the Queen of Antars, is never given a name more than "mom" or "Her Majesty, the Queen", yet clearly plays an important role in the life of her son, the crown prince, while he is in exile on earth.  Yubi tells us in "Good-bye Earth" how he cries himself to sleep at night because he misses her too much to bear it.  His response to her birthday message and words of wisdom fills him with tears from the separation.  Prince Yubi and the Queen are very close as mother and child, with a connection so deep that Zax provides their connection as an important reason why Zanu has not executed her--she holds considerable value to him as a prisoner.  During the monarchy, the queen served as consort to her husband.  She knew Trask before Trask went on exile over 71 Antarian years before Prince Yubi met him in Texas.  

"My mother did not help?" asked Yubi.  
"The queen had no reason to trust me!  I don't blame her!" replied Trask, regarding the queen (Gold Mine).
"So you delayed the revolution all by yourself?" ask Yubi.
"For almost 100 years!" confirmed Trask.

Given the queen knew Trask when he began to oppose Zanu nearly 100 Antarian years before Yubi met him, and that she was queen (consort or sovreign--we do not know) at the time of that meeting, it is clear that the Queen is over 100 Antarian years old and that Antarians do not age at the same rate as Earthlings.

It should be noted that since Trask and Yubi ONLY talk about the queen in regards to the revolution that it is altogether possible that Yubi's father died not long after the prince's birth and that the prince never really knew his father.
Trask (Melvin Dacus)

Known to Earthlings as "Montana" Trask is an elderly Antarian famous for his betrayal of warlord and tyrant Zanu and his subsequent exile to Earth over 71 Antarian years ago.  Trask was presumed dead by all on Antars during his escape from the planet until discovered by first Prince Yubi, then by Darah and Khyber when the two hunters searched for the exiled prince and encountered Montana by accident.

Trask' spacecraft was seriously damaged during landing on Earth.  He has spent his entire Earth exile attempting to repair it, keeping it hidden in a "gold mine" on a small ranch in Texas where he scrapes a living raising a few head of cattle and maintaining a low profile as a small rancher under the name of "Montana."  To avoid discovery of his ship and of his Antarian identity, Trask intentionally isolates himself from society and yells at anyone who approaches his property, giving him a reputation as a mean and nasty person who hates people.  In fact, Trask is a kind and gentle man whose patriotism on Antars is legendary.  

Because of his long association with and belief in Zanu (before Zanu's real designs for Antars were clear to him), Trask felt uncomfortable trying to win the trust of the monarchy and undermined Zanu without royal assistance--very successfully as we are told it delayed the revolution "nearly 100 [Antarian] years".
Tanya (Tosha Moody)

Zanu's most insidious hunter, Tanya was sent by Zanu to use friendship and her feminine charms to seduce Yubi into coming back to Antars as her unwitting prisoner.  A young person of similar age to Prince Yubi, she is successful in winning the young prince's attraction and friendship (the scenes are played as if the pair are too young for genuine romantic attachment--see notes on Prince Yubi's age), yet falls for her own seduction, developing feelings for the prince and deciding at the last moment that she will not take the prince back to Antars after all.  Aiding in her decision not to return the prince to Zanu are Benji and Zax who grow suspicious and  follow Prince Yubi after he declares that they will not move on from Cedar Hill to evade the hunters because he likes it where they are.

Benji and Zax quickly discover what Tanya has well concealed from Yubi:  her cipher--clear sign she is from Antars as no one from Antars can survive long without one!  Zax confronts Tanya and forces her to tell Yubi the truth about her, thereby ending the relationship.

In the end, the choice to both betray Zanu (who tells us she will shortly return to Antars and Zanu with a made up story), and end the relationship becomes Tanya's--but it is largely set off by Zax' protective investigation.

Tanya tells us she is "one of his (Zanu's) favorite young clones", implying she is not a natural human.

Tanya is the one hunter who came closest to capturing the prince--not with lasers or brute force, but by the tender caress of her hands and sweet with words.  A true spider in the web....
T.J. Parker (Christopher Burton)

T.J. Parker is a human child of around 8 or 9 years old who lives in/around Garland Texas (trivia: if you missed the town, it's on a sign on the grocery store where Prince Yubi is arrested!) in Rockwell county, Texas.  Unfortunately for T.J., he looks almost exactly like Antarian crown prince Yubi!  A bit of a rascal with little regard for the law or other people, T.J. does whatever he wants--regardless of right or wrong.

When T.J. committs minor theft at the local grocery store, he thinks he has been helped when people in a black van are willing to give him a ride to help him escape from chasing police, not realizing these people are none other than Darah and Khyber--looking for a young person looking just like him!

When it is clear to Darah and Khyber that T.J. has no cipher and has been with them too long to survive without one, T.J. becomes part of their trap for the prince.  Too much rascal and not enough brains, T.J. refuses rescue from Benji and Zax in hopes of being sent to Antars as a "chance of a lifetime"

While the prince and T.J. look similar in many ways, there are certain important differences. T.J., being from Texas natively, speaks with a thick Texan accent; Prince Yubi speaks with a neutral accent (or northern American accent).  Prince Yubi is highly educated, which is very apparent in his word choice and body carriage as he stands, walks, and sits.  He behaves as a "proper prince" on all levels at all times--including in how he addresses other persons.  Nobless oblige is part of Prince Yubi's normal demeanor.  By contrast, T.J. obviously pays little attention in school and is never heard giving polite language, but far more gruff attitude.  T.J. is a country boy who cares little for learning and even less for helping anyone but himself.
Starring Roles
Angie Bolling and Joe Rainer as Darah and Khyber (UFO)
Dallas Miles as Khyber (Decoy Droid)
Co-starring and featured characters
Anna Holbrook as Darah (Decoy Droid)
BJ Matthews (Craig Lewis)

BJ Matthews is a petty thief who stole a pickup truck with his brother Farley Matthews, then decided to hide out in an old Texas Ghost Town to evade capture from the county sheriff.  When he and his brother meet the prince and mistake the prince's cipher for a piece of very expensive jewelry and assume the prince is the son of a billionaire, Farley hatches a plot which BJ feels compelled to assist in:  kidnap the prince for randsom money.  Of the pair, BJ is less intelligent and more cautious.  Zax finds him easy to manipulate as he is obviously afraid of him, playing BJ's caution against Farley's greed.
Farley Matthews (Ken Farmer)

Farley Matthews is the smarter and more larcenous of the two Matthews brothers who stole a pickup truck and decided to hide out in an old Texas Ghost Town.  His more easily startled and less intelligent brother is BJ.  When he and BJ decide that the prince must be some wealthy billionaire's son who had run away from home, it is Farley who decides to hatch the cowboy plot to kidnap the prince and sell him back to his parents for randsom money.  As BJ sees Zax around the Ghost Town, Farley asserts that these sightings are just his "imagination" which becomes a recurring theme of the episode.  That is, until he meets Zord....
Sheriff Billy Payton (Jack Robinson)

Sheriff Billy Payton is the chief law enforcement officer for Rockwell County, Texas.  The town of Garland, Texas, where Charlie Ross' grocery store is location, is part of Rockwell County.  Referred to by Charlie as "Billy Joe", Sheriff Billy is the officer who arrests Prince Yubi and later interrogates him at the court house.
Charlie Ross (Bill Wayne Martin)

Charlie Ross is the owner of the small grocery store and bait shop in Garland, Texas where T.J. Parker steals the groceries and where Prince Yubi is arrested by mistake.  Charlie is kind-hearted and a generally nice guy--but also a business man.  He does not believe the prince when he tries to assert that he is not T.J.