Opening Credits

Prince Yubi smiles as he manipulates his boss, Mr. Arnold Stevens, into giving him access to the mysterious spacecraft no one at NASA knows anything about.
Pilot: The Prince and the Bag Lady
Ric Spiegel (the voice of Zax) in the flesh as Harwell Thompson, a man with a secret.
Day of the Hunter
Benji finds a captured and bound Prince Yubi in Darah and Khyber's spacecraft.
Prince Yubi gives Benji instructions on how to sabotage the spacecraft.
Darah (Angie Bolling) and Khyber (Joe Rainer) prepare for take off.
With Benji's help to move his cipher from his wrist to his hand, Yubi uses the stone to burn the ropes.
Gold Mine
Yubi's side of the dialogue with Montana, now revealed as "Trask", Zanu's former right hand man who discovered, too late to stop the Revolution, Zanu's real plans for Antars. We learn in this scene he narrowly escaped to Earth when he tried to prevent the overthrow of the monarchy.
In this continuation of the above scene, now from within the "gold mine", Trask (Melvin Dacus) explains his survival when he was supposed to be "dead"--71 Antarian years ago.
..."and we will!  You are as good as on your way!" declares the prince to Zax' assessment that Trask' ship is very similar in design to the Prince's whose repairs can easily be done by the two of them.
Trask reassures Prince Yubi that he bears the letter from Yubi to the Queen as Trask and Yubi say their parting words before Trask boards his ship.
Good-bye Earth
The Queen (whose name is never given in the series), Yubi's mother, gives her son birthday wishes--and wisdom--for his Earth exile.  Played by Lisa LeMole.  Note her head dress has the same diamond pattern as Yubi's Antarian tunic, suggesting a heraldic significance.
 "Will you shut up! You're nothing but a pile of plastic, metal, and electrodes! You don't know how it feels to miss your mother 'cause you don't have one! I'm tired of being on my own.  I'm tired of constantly running from hunters!  And I'm tired of crying myself to sleep because I miss my mother so!"  This is one of Prince Yubi's most emotional moments in the entire series.
"I'll just have to be ready!  I have to see mother!" cries Prince Yubi, weeping.  This scene is a major reason this episode is my favorite episode of all 13:  it shows just how brilliant Christopher is as an actor.  Chris really FEELS his character in this episode and does a wonderful set of performances across the entire show.  BRAVO!
"That ship is classified" declares Mr. Arnold Stevens (Rick Peeples), Prince Yubi's boss at NASA when Yubi expresses interest in taking a closer look at the ship himself.  Rick Peeples is seen a second time in the series, as the traffic cop in "Puppy Love", a slightly smaller role.
Mr. Stevens, "...then you will be back sometime!"
Prince Yubi, "Yes, Sir, you can count on it!"
Ghost Town
Con artists B.J. Matthews (Craig Lewis) and Farley Matthews (Ken Farmer) pretend to be "real cowboys" in order to sell Yubi back to his "real parents".  Here BJ and Farley have dressed Yubi up as a "cowboy" as part of their gambit.
"Zax, go find Benji!" commands Prince Yubi after Benji fails to return after checking up on BJ and Farley's whereabouts.
The Locals
Will (Bobby Fite), the leader of the Vikings, challenges Yubi to a video game tournement in hopes of winning Yubi's cipher.
Joey (Brandon Camp) removes Yubi's cipher from his wrist to avoid Will's wrath.
With other Viking's restraining Yubi, Joey removes Yubi's cipher from his wrist.
Yubi struggles to breathe in the camp shelter.  Though the episode is not explicit how Antarians are different from Earth humans, the immediate removal of the cipher and Yubi's fainting response suggests that breathing is at least one component of the life support function.  Joey describes Yubi in this scene at "pale", one sign that Yubi is not breathing right.  Also the short time window Yubi has for the cipher's return also suggests that he cannot breathe the Earth atmosphere without filtering from the cipher.  SUPERB ACTING DONE IN THIS SCENE!
Puppy Love
Yubi takes Tanya's hand for the first time, unaware her friendship, and interest in him, is as the Crown Prince of Antars, not as himself.
Tanya's cipher--and her identity as an Antarian--is revealed to Benji and Zax at the skating rink.
"I don't believe you.  You are just trying to get me to leave town!" pouts Prince Yubi to Zax's off camera report regarding Tanya's identity as an Antarian and possible identity as a hunter sent by Zanu.  Despite Zax's reminder that his programming prevents lying, Yubi refuses to believe the report and storms out of their warehouse home.
"Then it's true!" exclaims Yubi after Tanya (Tosha Moody) shows him her cipher and tells him who she really is.  A frank a discussion about Antars follows that shows, once more, Chris Burton's talents as an actor.  This is the one and only time we see  how much Yubi  cares about the Antarian people and about ruling them someday.  You see his passion is first and foremost for his people.
Double Trouble
"What?!"  T.J. Parker (Christopher Burton) displays his disregard for the store owner's ultimatum that he either buy the comic book he is reading or leave his store.
"What do you want with me?" T.J. Parker prattles to Khyber and Darah, ignorant of the existance of Prince Yubi or Antars--or his resemblance to the prince.
"I don't have one..." replies Prince Yubi uncomfortably to the sheriff's question, "What is your last name?" as Yubi is interrogated by the county sheriff over T.J.'s crimes.
"So you see, I really do not have a home here on Earth.  My home is the planet Antars, way off in another galaxy...."  Yubi begins one of the great monologues of the entire series (and perhaps the longest in the 13 episodes), explaining his exact state of affairs in a "nut shell" for an imaginary audience.  For when the camera pulls back, we see Prince Yubi was speaking to an empty chair and his entire point is that absolutely no Earthling would possibly believe the actual truth!  This is still one of the most eloquent speeches in the series and expertly performed.  Not easy for an actor as young as Christopher is at this time to perform such a long speech.  Emmy worthy, Chris!  Well done!
In Yubi's first scene, Yubi contemplates eating this egg, even without the solar stove's completion.
Our first glimpse of the Yubi regrets his decision to eat the raw egg.
Don't Fence Me In
"I am not your slave and you are not my mother!" shouts a frustrated Prince Yubi at Zax during an argument after feeling smoothered by Zax' constant ordering around.
" never listen!" storms Prince Yubi during the fight with Zax.
"If you really cared for me you wouldn't argue with me so much and  you would let me do what I want. I am tired of being treated like a child when I am old enough to take care of myself.  I will contact you in six years at the spacecraft.  Good-bye."  As his malfuction grows worse, Zax reads Yubi's good-bye letter with great alarm.
"Luck had nothing to do with it!" replies Yubi. In the pool hall, Yubi demonstrates how easy a complex shot is to acheive if one understand physics.
Screen shots from Benji, Zax, and the Alien Prince The Series
The Flying Lesson
Doctor Len Janson (Bob Macgruder) tries to pursuade Yubi to stay with him as his wife Nora in their farm house instead of going out to work on their mysterious project.  Yubi on "Sugarfoot", the horse that plays prominently in this story.
Yubi plays on the Clifford Chuckie's radio, unaware the hunters are listening on his frequency.
The Clifford Chuckie speeds down the runaway during take-off, pursued by the hunters.
Benji is given a "flying lesson" when Zax is temporarily disabled by the storm and the cabin door accidentally locks both Yubi and Doctor Janson out.
Benji Call Home
After catching his foot in a bobcat trap set by Mr. Jenkins, an injured Benji tries to move on before being called back for medical treatment by Mr. Jenkins.
"Could I possibly stay here 'til then?  I have travelled an aweful long way! I won't be any trouble, I promise!"  Prince Yubi begs of Mr. Jenkins in order to recover Benji.  Mr. Jenkins agrees in exchange for yard work and the deal is struck.
"I came about the dog!" inquires Prince Yubi in response to the "found dog" flyer posted with Benji's photo.

"You little thief!  What have you done with my money?!" accuses Mr. Jenkins (Michael Muller) before Yubi or Zax can explain anything as Yubi tries to pick up the mess left by the real thieves.
Decoy Droid
A captured Zax protests loudly against  the hunters' plans for him.
Stuck in a culvert!  Zax sit helplessly while spiders walk all over him.  Benji tries and fails to free him, requiring Benji to seek Prince Yubi's help.
"I think I need to check your CPU!" declares the prince after the decoy droid's strange behavior--and constant fighting with Benji--convinces him that he is malfunctioning.  In this episode, Yubi is trying to convert an Earth satellite dish into a transmitter that will allow two way communication with Antars.  As the final episode of the series, we never discover if Yubi is eventually successful in later months and we never come to know if he ever gets home--or saves his dear mother's life.
"Zax, STOP IT, WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU?!!" cries Yubi as the decoy droid openly attacks Benji with his lasers.  A street battle between Benji and the decoy droid ensues--and Benji's location of the hunters' black van containing the disabled Zax!
"How far is it to a place called Houston?" asks Prince Yubi, looking at the classifieds.
"More worms for fishing!  Terrific!  Thanks Benji!"  Prince Yubi receives his surprise birthday gift from Benji.
Trask "delayed" the revolution "100" Antarian "years" and was supposed to be dead "71 Antarian years ago". How long did the revolution take?Slightly more than the 100 years of delay plus the 71 years that he escaped Antars for earth
Slightly more than 100 Antarian years ago
Within Prince Yubi's lifetime (however long that is)
The revolution is ongoing.